Glenn County Farm Bureau is a non-profit grass roots organization whose purpose is to protect and promote agricultural interests throughout the state of California and to find solutions to the problems of the farm, the farm home, and the rural community. GCFB is part of California’s largest farm organization the California Farm Bureau Federation which is comprised of 53 county farm bureau’s representing 73,000 members in 56 counties.

Farm Bureau strives to protect and improve the ability of farmers and ranchers engaged in production agriculture to provide a reliable supply of food and fiber through responsible stewardship of California's resources.

Farm Bureau is organized on a county, state and national basis-in that order. The county Farm Bureau is the nucleus of the organization. It is here that members join by payment of annual dues which entitles them to the wide range of services and benefits of membership. The policies and programs of Farm Bureau are developed from grassroots recommendations originating at the community and county Farm Bureau levels.

GCFB has been working to protect agriculture’s interests for over 100 years, but we couldn’t continue our work without the support of our members. Membership dues not only provide funding for fighting issues that are important to the agricultural community, but also for educational opportunities in the area. GCFB provides scholarships for high school students attending college with an interest in an agricultural field. In November the organization hosts our Annual Agribee, an agricultural spelling bee for fourth and fifth grade students. The GCFB is also continuously donating and funds to numerous local organizations in need of assistance.

Glenn County Agriculture

  1. Almonds $224,274,000
  2. Walnuts $149,120,000
  3. Rice $100,125,000
  4. Milk $48,441,000
  5. Olives, Table $30,423,000
  6. Apiary Products $27,051,000
  7. Dairy Cattle $21,545,000
  8. Vine Seeds $16,477,000
  9. Beef Cattle $14,490,000
  10. Prunes $13,743,000
Crop Reports